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Sexualities/Genders (And Other Terms One Should Know)

Heterosexual: Male-identifying individual sexually attracted to a female-identifying individual, and vice-versa.

Homosexual: Someone attracted to someone of the same gender as themselves.

Bisexual: Sexually attracted to two or more genders.

Polysexual: Sexually attracted to many genders, but not all.

Pansexual: Sexually attracted to all genders. (this and bisexual, and sometimes polysexual, are often considered to be the same thing and different people may simply identify as any one of them due to their own personal reasons)

Demisexual: Sexually attracted to people only after forming a bond with them first.

Asexual: Having no /sexual attraction/ to others; having no desire to have sex.

Heteroromantic: Male-identifying individual romantically attracted to female-identifying individuals, and vice-versa.

Homoromantic: Attracted romantically to the same gender.

Biromantic: Attracted romantically to two or more genders

Polyromantic: Attracted to many genders (but not all)

Panromantic: Attracted romantically to all genders

Demiromantic: Romantically attracted to people only after forming a bond with them first.

Aromantic: Having no /romantic attraction/ to others; having no desire to be in a romantic relationship.

Polyamorous: Someone who is attracted to, and is comfortable with being in a relationship with more than one person at a time.

Transexual/Transgender (Term depending on generation and location): An individual who identifies as a gender other than the one they were assigned at birth to be. Often shortened to trans

Cisgender: Someone who identifies as the gender that they were assigned as at birth. (ex. matches their birth certificate) Often shortened to cis

Intersex: Someone who has ambiguous genitalia that doesn't fit into our strict dichotomy of uterus or testes. Often forced into surgery to correct their genitals at a very young age, causing psychological and physical harm later in life

Nonbinary: Outside of the gender binary of male and female. (Can be used as an umbrella term or as its own identity)

Genderqueer: Outside of the gender binary. (**This is not an umbrella term like the post said before I edited it! Do not use this as an umbrella term for nonbinary individuals, simply use 'nonbinary'. Queer is considered a slur and not everyone likes to be associated with the word)

Agender: Someone who feels gender neutral, or someone who experiences a 'lack' of gender.

Bigender: Someone who identifies as two separate genders.

Trigender: Someone who identifies as three separate genders.

Genderfluid: A gender that changes, or is 'fluid'.

Demigirl: Identifying partially as a woman, but not wholly.

Demiboy/guy: Identifying partially as a man, but not wholly.

Dmab: Designated Male at Birth.

Dfab: Designated Female at Birth.

Amab/Afab: Same as dmab/dmab, except with 'assigned' instead of 'designted'.

Camab/Cafab: Same as previous, except prefixed by 'coercively', to highlight the lack of choice.

Reblog to inform! And if there's any I missed or anything that should be clarified, please message me! Always looking to expand the proper vocab. : )




Thought I should share this. Let this sink in for a minute. Luis was killed for no reason (i’m assuming he’s of another race), this is happening all over, not just in Ferguson. This makes my skin crawl.

Y’all not pressing charges becuz he technically died of a heart attack …. THAT THE POLICE MOST LIKELY CAUSED FOR BEATING HIM! Smdh

Remind me again why people still insist there are good cops? I’ve been alive for 37 years and I haven’t met one yet

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Being an adult is realizing that $5,000 is a lot of money to owe and very little money to own.

this is real

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Anxiety & Helping Someone Cope. 
I didn’t want to make it overwhelming or too long remember, so I kept it to the main points that benefit me greatly when I’m experiencing an attack.
40 million of Americans alone suffer with anxiety; it’s a horrid feeling when you know someone just wants to help you but you cannot even construct a simple sentence at the time, so please share this in hope that it benefits even just 1 person. Muchos love. 

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i wanna make a fighting game with females of all body types and then maybe like three male characters but theyre super hunky and jacked and the only difference between them is their outfit and hair colour… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm….

would the men be dressed really impractically?

bondage speedos and see through tops. only

Needs jiggle physics for the balls.

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I’m actually concerned for boys who complain about how different girls look without makeup. Like did you think eyeshadow permanently alters a girls eyelid? Are you frightened when people change clothes

Babies have no concept of object permanence

That’s one of the sickest burns I’ve ever read. 

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Starry Night Brush for Sai Paint






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